December 2023

I-L38 – FigUre Tree – 12-2023

The I-L38 tree is growing and new testers are constantly joining, upgrading their existing test to a Big Y or directly purchasing a Big Y from FTDNA or a competitive NGS test from another provider and uploading it to Sales in recent months have resulted in many orders for NGS tests. Of these, most have been completed so that I could add them to the current version of the FigUre tree.

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Family Finder Y-DNA Haplogroups

In the autosomal tests from 23andme and Living DNA, the Y-haplogroups have always been displayed directly, whereas in the autosomal tests from My Heritage and Ancestry, the Y-haplogroup can only be extracted from the raw data using tools such as the Morley Predictor or the YSEQ Clade Finder. This was not previously possible with FamilytreeDNA’s Family Finder, as the Y-SNPs were removed from the raw data, making it the only autosomal test that did not contain any information on the Y-haplogroup. I had already described this in the article Y-haplogroup from atDNA raw data. This is now changing, as FamilytreeDNA has decided to directly report the Y-haplogroup using the Y-SNPs, tested in the Family Finder. In this article, I will use my own Y-haplogroup I-L38 to show what this means and what advantages I hope to gain from it.

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