Y-SNPs and Y-STR of I-L38>>BY14026


The diagram shows the subgroup I-BY14026, the Y-haplogroup I-L38.
This was originally created to get an overview of the SNPs which, are used for the age estimation of YFull.com on the one hand and can be ordered at YSEQ.net on the other hand. The tables contain the name for each SNP, the HG38 position with value (ancestral and derived), and the information if these are used for the Y-haplotrees of FTDNA and YFull. In the column of YSEQ a distinction is made whether an SNP can already be ordered, can be requested with “Wish a SNP”, or cannot be tested with the Sanger method due to the region.

The chart can be found as PDF here: I-L38 – BY14026.pdf


For the sub-branches below I-BY14026>BY25259>BY25363/Y125026, some Y-STR are also named. Their mutation rates are rated at YFull with:

  • Five or four stars for slowly (rarely) mutating. YFull uses Y-STR with 5 stars to define subclades.
  • Three or less for faster (more frequent) mutating. These may be equal by chance and are therefore not suitable for defining subclades accurately.

The marker DYS640 (Tested with FTDNA Y67, or YSEQ-Gamma) was rated with 4 stars. Within PH1237 the value 11 (12>11) was found only for kits of subgroup Y125026. Thus, DYS640 is a sign that you belong to subgroup Y125026 for kits of PH1237.

Bundling of the sub-branches with DYS448.

The marker DYS448 (Tested with FTDNA Y37 or YSEQ-Alpha-Beta) was rated with only three stars. For the subgroup I-BY14026>BY25259 the original value for DYS448 is 21.

  • DYS448=21, red: Within Y125026 there are two subclades with NGS, which have the original value 21. Y128714 and one Y125026* (FTDNA-IN53703), which come from the same region in Greece. Another kit, of unknown origin, also has this value.
  • DYS448=21>23, green: Within Y125026 there are two subclades with NGS, which have the value 23. Y177573 from Russia and one Y125026* (YF15458) from Poland.
  • DYS448=21>22, blue: All other clades of Y125026 have the value 22 for this marker.
I-L38 - BY14026 - 2019 - Map
All NGS are marked with stars. Y-STR kits are marked with circles.

The Y-STR marker DYS448 is, due to its mutation rate and the associated “random” mutations, only conditionally useful for bundling subclades. Nevertheless, an interesting picture emerges which stimulates interpretations of the migration pathways.

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