I-L38 – FigUre Tree – 04-2021

The I-L38 tree is growing and new testers are joining all the time, upgrading their existing test to a Big Y or directly buying a Big Y or comparable NGS test and uploading it to YFull.com. The November (Black Friday) and December (Winter Sale) sales have resulted in many orders for NGS tests. Of these, most were completed so that I could add them to the current version of the FigUre tree. Some tests from this sale phase have not yet been completed. Below I will present the new additions and a list of pending BigY tests.

WGS400 – YSEQ’s new Whole Genome NGS Specifically for Genealogy Researchers with 400 Base Long Reads

In mid-February 2021, the company YSEQ from Berlin presented its new product, the WGS400. I was very pleased about this, because I have already had very good experiences with the company YSEQ in recent years and they offer some advantages over other companies for me. With the WGS400, they now also offer an NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) that is not only high quality, but also competitively priced and includes everything that is important to me as a DNA genealogy researcher.

Join a Y-haplogroup Project at FamilyTreeDNA

If you have done your Y-STR test at FamilyTreeDNA, the Y-haplogroup is predicted very conservatively. To get a better prediction you should definitely join the appropriate Y-haplogroup project. The administrators of these projects can group you more closely based on your STR markers.To join the projects, you first have to register at FTDNA with your …

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I-M170 and the Babylonian confusion of Y-Haplogroup names

The child needs a name!
A clear one! An unmistakable one!
A Y-Haplogroup is a group of men, all descended from one man, a “forefather “, in a purely paternal line. We want to give this forefather a name and there are two different ways of doing this, both of which have their pitfalls and can lead to great confusion. The aim of this article is to show the possibilities for naming and the confusion potential.

Y-Haplogroups and migration, using the example of I-L38 > BY14026

In April 2017, I did my first Y-DNA test and was surprised by the result. My parents come from Almopia in the north of Greece, but the Y-Haplogroup I-L38 to which I belong originated about 4500 years ago in northwest Europe, between the mouth of the Rhine and the Baltic Sea. Since then I have been studying the question of how this haplogroup came to Almopia and have already motivated some relatives and carriers of my subgroup Y125026 to do Y-DNA tests to get a clearer picture.
The aim of this article is to present the information available so far, in simple words and pictures and to bring the topic closer to people from Almopia, as well as carriers of the I-L38 subgroup BY14026. In addition, it is intended to motivate these people to use NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) tests, such as the Big Y of Family Tree DNA, as this will lead to a clearer picture of where our sub-branches originated and the path they took.