NGS – Take part at the Y-tree

Since my first Y-DNA test I have been fascinated by the Y trees. That’s why I support these projects and have already contributed some NGS. In the beginning I couldn’t imagine much of it. What, when, where and why happens this and that? In the meantime, I can answer some questions. Here is a small overview of what happens when you participate in a Y-tree.
But there are also a few more ways to support haplogroup projects. By donating, even if it is “only” the raw data of the existing test.

I-L38 - FigUre Tree - 2019-v7.09

I-L38 – FigUre Tree – 2019-v7.09

This FigUre tree represents the combination of the I-L38 trees, the haplo-tree of FTDNA’s Big Y and the tree of Almost only NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) were taken. Testers who only tested single SNPs or SNP-Packs were only included ((SNP-P) #SNP#) if all SNPs were tested in the immediate vicinity, so that the exact …

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Y-DNA, Haplogroup and Genealogy

Y-DNA, Haplogroup and Genealogy

When it comes to verifying paternal relationships over several generations, the Y-DNA test is the right choice. My own concern is to verify a family legend that says that my fatherly ancestor came from a certain area of Greece about three hundred years ago. Here you can’t get any further with atDNA. The selection of tests for Y-DNA is extensive. Depending on the motivation for such a test, there are different approaches.