I-L38 – FigUre Tree – 01-2021

High resolution I-L38 – FigUre tree

This I-L38 – FigUre tree is also available as PDF for download: I-L38 – FigUre tree.pdf.

This FigUre tree represents the combination of the I-L38 trees, the haplo-tree of FTDNA’s Big Y and the tree of YFull.com. Almost only NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) were taken. Testers who only tested single SNPs or SNP-Packs were only included ((SNP-P) #SNP#) if all SNPs were tested in the immediate vicinity, so that the exact placement is guaranteed.

In addition, all currently known aDNA (ancient DNA) samples were included (#SNP#-a). These have a low coverage. Therefore, they were placed with just a few SNPs and the position on the tree is not accurate. Thanks to some negative SNPs, we have additional information about the mutation order of individual SNPs within the phylogenetic block of Y10705. (The SNPs in the tree trunk below Y10705/S2505 were placed only relative to the samples, i.e. Y10705 could be older than S2501). The samples from the Lichtenstein cave were placed on the tree using 12 STR markers, only.

The numbers in brackets below the SNPs in each clade indicate the TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor). These were taken from the Age estimation of YFull.com. Unfortunately, many participants did not submit with their raw data to Yfull, so that this information is not available everywhere.

Herewith I would like to ask you to take part in the tree of YFull.com and to submit your raw data. For me this is the most beautiful tree and the work with the tools it offers, helped me a lot to understand this topic quite better. If you don’t see any use in it yourself, then you can just do it for me. I would appreciate it in any case.

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