I-L38 – FigUre Tree – 04-2021


The I-L38 tree is growing and new testers are joining all the time, upgrading their existing test to a Big Y or directly buying a Big Y or comparable NGS test and uploading it to YFull.com. The November (Black Friday) and December (Winter Sale) sales have resulted in many orders for NGS tests. Of these, most were completed so that I could add them to the current version of the FigUre tree. Some tests from this sale phase have not yet been completed. Below I will present the new additions and a list of pending BigY tests.

New Kits and Branches

Pre-I-L38 branches – S2519*

I-L38 is the smaller part of the Y haplogroup I-M436, of which I-M223 makes up almost 90%. The common ancestor of I-L38 lived about 4400 years ago and it long appeared there was a long bottleneck, of about 13,000 years (TMRCA M436 – TMRCA L38), between the split from M223 and this. In 2016, a man with roots in France was tested (YF07139) who broke through this bottleneck. The SNP block of I-L38 was split into two sub-blocks (Y10705 was replaced by Y10720 in the meantime). In the meantime, some aDNA samples were added, so that there were further splittings of the blocks. Among others, SRA62 from Ireland caused the split I-S2519.

In February, a Big Y 700 of a man with ancestors from Switzerland was completed. The result of the test was I-S2519* (YF81467 at YFull). Remarkably, this did not form a common clade with SRA62, but a completely independent line under I-S2519.
The original prediction of the Y-haplogroup at FTDNA, based on 111 Y-STR markers, was I-M170. Since the administrators of the Y-haplogroup projects I2a Y-Haplogroup and Haplogroup I-L38 did not succeed in predicting the subgroup, the two projects combined money from their project funds and paid for the upgrade of Y111 to a Big Y 700. The larger part was contributed by the I2a Y-Haplogroup project (for which I would like to thank them again), since there was not enough money available from the donation fund of the I-L38 Haplogroup project. For this reason I would like to call on those interested in the I-L38 Haplogroup Project to donate some money to the Donation Fund of the Haplogroup I-L38 project. This money will be used to help testers upgrade to Big Y 700 if the upgrade is of particular value to the project. In any case, we were very happy that our S2555 family could grow beyond I-L38.


  • BY14072>L533>Y49785>BY166193: New branch through kit from France

L38>S2606>S24121 – Nine new kits

  • S24121>Y16521>S21118>BY70548:
    Split BY70548* – BY130960 by kit from France
  • S24121>Y16521>S21118>S11558>Y17139>Y17121>BY14648>Y86214>BY117260:
    Additional generic branch BY117260* from Switzerland
  • S24121>Y16521>S21118>S11558>Y17139>Y17121>BY14648>Y86214>FT97420>Y89787>FT89138:
    New branch FT79099 and sub-branches through six kits of the Smith surname project (more to follow).
  • S24121>Y16521>S21118>S11558>Y17139>Y17121>Y17117>Y17122:
    Split Y17268* – Y17266 within a surname project.

L38>S2606>FGC29656>BY1183 – Four new kits

  • BY1183>Y18919>S4556: New branch FT343047
  • BY1183>Y18919>S4556>BY14000: New generic branch BY14006*
  • BY1183>Y18919>S4556>BY14000>BY14006>BY14004: New branches FTA21638 and BY215064 within a surname project.
  • BY1183>Y18919>S4556>BY14000>BY14006: New generic branch BY172539*

L38>S2606>FGC29656>Y13076>PH1237 – Six new kits

  • PH1237>BY14026>BY14044: New branch BY64484 by two new BigY. One tester is from Prussia, near Szczecin and one from Scotland. (In the tree, the Prussian was shown as a yellow circle in a blue square, as a German in what is now the country of Poland) There are several Y-STR kits that fit into this subgroup. They all have in common that their ancestor comes from Scotland or Prussia. I would be pleased if we could get one more kit each for Scotland and for Prussia from this group.
  • PH1237>BY14026>BY25359>FT53143>FT52991: New branch FT462816 with probable origin in Wales
  • PH1237>BY14026>BY25359>Y125026:
    New branch BY184790 due to a kit from Hungary. This branch has the peculiarity that the Y-STR marker is DYR221=14 and therefore Ancestral. All other kits under Y125026 with DYS448=22 have the modified marker DYR221=13.
  • PH1237>BY14026>BY25359>Y125026:
    Two more kits with modified markers for DYR221, DYR123 and DYS514. One is from Montenegro. Another is a Romanian from Serbia. (In the tree the Romanian was shown as a dark blue cross in a light blue triangle, as a Romanian in today’s country Serbia).

I would like to ask all newcomers to upload their results to the YFull.com tree. Thank you.

L38>S2606>FGC29656>Y13076>S2488 – Five new kits

  • S2488>FT191169>BY14048: New branch BY336 within a surname project.
  • S2488>Y13074>S8239>S11561:
    Four new kits in the Cornell surname project. Branch BY101159, branch Y111706>FT138924, and two generic branches S11561 were added.
High resolution I-L38 – FigUre tree

This I-L38 – FigUre tree is also available as PDF for download: I-L38 – FigUre tree.pdf.

Pending Results

Results are still pending for 17 known kits. These have been grouped below according to the most likely prediction.

  • 1x BY1183>BY174585
  • 1x S2606, a Berber from Morocco. Most probably this belongs to the subgroup PH1237
  • 1x PH1237>BY14026>Y32046>BY161442 from Italy
  • 2x PH1237>BY14026>Y32046>BY25359>Y125026 from Hungary
  • 1x PH1237>PH2591 from Ukraine, who will probably form a new branch with the Croatian
  • 1x S2488
  • 2x S24121 men with the same surname
  • 1x S24121>Y16521>S21118 from France
  • 1x S24121>Y16521>S21118>FGC36959>FGC36962
  • 3x S24121>Y16521>S21118>S11558>Y17139>Y17121>BY14648>Y86214>BY117260 from the Tilley Surname Project
  • 1x S24121>Y16521>S21118>S11558>Y17139>Y17121>BY14648>Y86214>FT97420>Y89787>FT89138>FT79099 from the Smith Surname Project
  • 2x S24121>Y16521>S21118>BY70548 with the same surname


25 I-L38 kits have been completed alongside I-S2519 in Q1 2021 and more than 17 new kits are expected to follow in Q2 2021. Unfortunately, not all outstanding tests could be listed because not all men with haplogroup I-L38 are members of the I-L38 Haplogroup Project. Therefore, I would like to ask all I-L38 men to join the I-L38 Haplogroup Project. Two of the outstanding BigY have been supported similar to the Swiss S2519 from the Donation Fund of the Haplogroup I-L38 Project and we look forward to any donation so that we can continue to support upgrade willing members from special branches in the future.
International DNA Day is again on 25 April. I hope that once again some I-L38 men will take advantage of one of the many offers and order a Big Y700 or other test and upload it to YFull.com.

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