December 2020

Join a Y-haplogroup Project at FamilyTreeDNA

If you have done your Y-STR test at FamilyTreeDNA, the Y-haplogroup is predicted very conservatively. To get a better prediction you should definitely join the appropriate Y-haplogroup project. The administrators of these projects can group you more closely based on your STR markers.To join the projects, you first have to register at FTDNA with your …

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I-M170 and the Babylonian confusion of Y-Haplogroup names

The child needs a name!
A clear one! An unmistakable one!
A Y-Haplogroup is a group of men, all descended from one man, a “forefather “, in a purely paternal line. We want to give this forefather a name and there are two different ways of doing this, both of which have their pitfalls and can lead to great confusion. The aim of this article is to show the possibilities for naming and the confusion potential.