Month: December 2019

Verify relationship in paternal line, with known terminal SNP and private „novel“ SNPs from NGS

f you wanted to compare the Y-DNA of two men, you used Y-STR tests with as many markers as possible. If one or more NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) are available, a new method can be used to determine the relationship of two men in a purely paternal line using “young” SNPs. Your youngest SNPs are those that have only been detected in your sample. These are called “Novel SNPs” or “Private SNPs”.
This method is made possible by the company and the possibility to actually test any SNP that can be tested with the Sanger method for little money after you “wish” for it.

Y-SNPs and Y-STR of I-L38>>BY14026

The diagram shows the subgroup I-BY14026, the Y-haplogroup I-L38.
This was originally created to get an overview of the SNPs which, are used for the age estimation of on the one hand and can be ordered at on the other hand. The tables contain the name for each SNP, the HG38 position with value (ancestral and derived), and the information if these are used for the Y-haplotrees of FTDNA and YFull.