Haplogroup I-L38

Y-SNPs and Y-STR of I-L38>>BY14026

The diagram shows the subgroup I-BY14026, the Y-haplogroup I-L38.
This was originally created to get an overview of the SNPs which, are used for the age estimation of YFull.com on the one hand and can be ordered at YSEQ.net on the other hand. The tables contain the name for each SNP, the HG38 position with value (ancestral and derived), and the information if these are used for the Y-haplotrees of FTDNA and YFull.

I-L38 - FigUre Tree - 2019-v7.09

I-L38 – FigUre Tree – 2019-v7.09

This FigUre tree represents the combination of the I-L38 trees, the haplo-tree of FTDNA’s Big Y and the tree of YFull.com. Almost only NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) were taken. Testers who only tested single SNPs or SNP-Packs were only included ((SNP-P) #SNP#) if all SNPs were tested in the immediate vicinity, so that the exact …

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